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About the club

High class escort club Versailles is an excellent escort club that introducing you high class men who will meet your wishes.
We can make the introduction not only the Japanese men, but also the men who living in English-speaking countries or Chinese-speaking countries, even men just staying in Japan.
Male members registered in our club being reliable, include executives of company, officers, lawyers, doctors, professional athletes and the entertainers.
Please do not worry about the privacy issues.
Our club is not like those adult entertainment shops with prostitution or something like sexual services at all.
What our club does is just arrange the appointments and introduce both sides.
After that, you can decide the rules with each other, please proceed with dating freely.
Please feel free to use the system because if it was different to what you are imaging after the appointment, it is possible to refuse to date.
Having a smart relationship to VIP men in our club then you can receive a high income with that date.
Also, there are many rich men in our club like earning over 1 million yen per month.
This club won’t charge you anything about money, for example, normal or fine and so on.
It is complete freedom for you. So how about date a rich gentleman just at a perfect time on your favorite day.
* We would not charge women's members for registration fee, referral fee, etc., so please be relieved.

Besides, since there is a special recruit who can speak English and Chinese, please feel free to consult even if you could not speak Japanese well.

Many of the following men have registered this club.
  • Want to date the women who won’t interfere with each other's privacy.
  • Want a long-term relationship (partner).
  • Want to try mistress or affair relationship.
You are welcome even just for meals.
Surely you will find a nice encounter that you are chasing here.

Process of registration

1.Contact us

Please contact us via E-mail or telephone.
We will arrange the interview the time as you wish.


Please come to the office (or any place you wish) and ask questions about the club or tell us your desire in a relationship. The recruits will respond to that.
(To protect your privacy, please make a reservation in advance.)


We would like to explain the system etc. about our club, only for those who approve of our concept.
* No cost at all.
* When register please bring the identification card with the face photo so that can confirm your identity.
(driver's license, health insurance certificate, student ID card, employee ID, passport, resident’s card, register certificate, etc.)
* We will only let register those who meet the criteria of our club.

The registration procedure will be completed as above.

About setting

1.Contact of the appointment

When an inquiry comes from the male member, we will inform you the contents by e-mail, so please check the date and the place etc.

2.Information about male member's profile

We will inform you the simple profile of the male member once the date and time as well as appointment place etc. being decided.
* Please contact us for changing the date or cancellation by 17 o'clock the day before after the setting was set down.

About the day of date

1.To the appointment place

When you arrive at the designated place of date, the male member will escort you gently.

2.Lovely date for both of you

Afterwards please enjoy the wonderful date. Of course, you have right to refuse if it was different to what you are imaging or feeling after the appointment. So please be relieved.


Women who are 18 to 40 years old and still care about self-improvement work on themselves.
Women who are over 40 years old but still be confident in both inside and appearance are welcome.
Those people who can keep good manners at least.
Those people who are punctual.
Those people who come first time are welcome. * Those who can speak Japanese in daily conversation at least.


Open Monday-Saturday 12:00~20:00 Closed Sundays and public holidays
If you made a reservation in advance, it will be ok to arrange interview even after 20 o’clock, please feel free to consult.
If you are expecting to have someone who can support in English or Chinese, please inform us in advance.
Tel 03-6303-3945
Please click here to send the E-mail Or
Mobile phone user +818049208969

Please cancel the rejection of domain or set domain designated reception in case the E-mail be stopped.
Please check the setting so that you can receive the mail from ""
If you have been waiting for more than one day and still have nothing reply, please check with us.

It does not matter for you to consult if you are interested. We will be patient to answer.
Regarding registration, we will contact you by telephone or E-mail and arrange the interview at Roppongi.
Please dress skirt when interview.※ NO denim.
Registration requires the copy of your ID card (ID card with face photo).
You may not be able to register without the ID card.
It is necessary that make sure foreigners to bring the ID cards.
Please call again during business hours in case the phone might be unable to connect.
LINE ID:verkyujin
TEL 080-4920-8969
OPEN 12:00-20:00 Closed Sundays and public holidays LINE